Michigan Attorney for Birth Mothers Considering Adoption

If you are a birth mother considering an adoption plan for your child, whatever the reason, I believe you have real courage. This is not an easy option to consider and, I believe, usually chosen with the best interest of the child at heart.

As an attorney for pregnant women considering adoption, I can help you find prospective adoptive parents for your child. I know of a number of waiting families, or we can ask an adoption agency to assist in providing the names of prospective adoptive parents.

As the birth mother, you are able to choose the family with whom you place your child. It is my desire to help you determine what is important to you in choosing a family with whom you place your child, be it religion, size of the family unit, their willingness to allow you to be known to the child after placement, or some other factor.

Experienced, Compassionate Legal Support for Birth Mothers in Adoption

In Michigan, prospective adoptive parents may agree to certain things such as pictures or visitation for the birth mother, but these are not enforceable under the law. However, I always ask adoptive parents with whom I work not to make any promises they are not willing to keep.

Birth parents (and grandparents) will often go through some grief after the adoptive placement of a child. I encourage birth mothers to make a “memory basket” or “memory book” in which they keep mementos of their infant. You may dress your child in an outfit you have taken to the hospital, and then take the outfit home to keep. You may have the crib card, footprints and one of the wristbands. You may also take a small gift to send with the adoptive parents for your child. You may also think of other things that are important to you and we can talk about them.

There are many questions you may have about the adoption process itself, such as the steps in the legal process, your consent, in-court consent or out-of-court consent, the costs, the birth father, and more. As an attorney for birth mothers considering adoption, I am happy to answer your questions.

If you need, I will work to locate a counselor for you to help you with your adoption decision. Again, I commend you on your courage to think of the adoption option for your child. I invite you to explore this website to learn more about my experience and to contact me with any questions you may have. I look forward to working with you and supporting you in your decision.